Digitally Enabled Retail Store

As a retailer, you are always seeking ways in which you can engage with your existing and potential customers with the objective of them being loyal and regularly buyers.

Omnichannel retail is used to describe a customer engagement strategy where; online, on-premise and on-mobile retail experiences are connected. However, for many retailers, there is a disconnect between the experience that shoppers experience off-premise, to the one they receive when walking into a store.

Smart Ads PRO Digital display in retail delivers the shopper experience that connects the online and on-mobile marketing to the physical in-store experience. Retailers are are using digital screens in conjunction with mobile apps and beacons to deliver a holistic customer experience across all the various media touch points that a consumer engages with.

Bringing Digital to the Store

Smart Ads PRO

Immersive, interactive digital display signage is one of the most distinct ways that businesses have been making the shopping experience easier, smarter and more efficient.

Digital signage is no longer a novelty — it’s something sophisticated customers expect when they shop in a brick and mortar store. Today’s smart businesses are taking advantage of this, using the technology to:

  • Promote new products, special offers, and sales using in-store retail signage displays.
  • Attract additional foot traffic using the vividness of your digital displays.
  • Showcase product features on your digital screens to encourage engagement.

Research shows that 20% of consumers have admitted to making an unplanned purchase after seeing an ad on a digital screen. And according to Adobe’s 2018 Digital Trends in Retail Report, creating compelling content for digital experiences was one of the top 3 biggest opportunities identified by senior retail leaders.