High Quality Experience With Smart Ads PRO Menu Board

Restaurant digital signage is quickly becoming a standard feature in QSRs, fast casual restaurants, bars and fine dining. Digital signs in the restaurant improve customer communications and create a livelier atmosphere

Communicating Dynamically

  • Display vibrant and dynamic menus and daily specials.
  • Display nutrient information (increasingly required by law).
  • Improve branding.
  • Save money by eliminating printing and design costs.
  • Earn revenue from advertising partners by displaying ads on the digital signs.
  • Provide entertainment for your patrons as they await service.
  • Schedule content according to conditions such as time of day or season
  • Adopt an agile messaging strategy by analyzing the success of screen content and rapidly optimizing at the point-of-decision

Quickly optimize screen content

  • Fast casual/Quick serve restaurants (QSR): add big, bold, and highly appetizing food photography and vibrant colors, format and visuals to motivate purchase.
  • Sports Bars: keep your patrons entertained and informed with up-to-date sports scores, news, tournament brackets.
  • Fine dining: enhance the décor of your restaurants by incorporating digital signs at the front desk and bathroom areas. Share information about chefs and display positive restaurant reviews.

  • Limited time offers (LTOs): The windows of your restaurant are the first and best place to engage a potential diner. Bright, vibrant visuals of popular items or limited time offers (LTOs) can entice your target customer to walk or drive into your restaurant.
  • THIS TASTES GREAT, BUT HOW MANY CALORIES? As restaurants deploy increasingly complex and LTO menus, the cost and time associated with printing new materials gets in the way of innovation, requiring a solution that will instantly make the necessary changes across every screen displaying your products (even online and on your mobile application).