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The Brand Experience Solution

87% of health care visits are to physician offices but the majority of healthcare marketing resources are still focused on inpatient hospitals.

The Brand Experience Solution is different. It takes on an integrated communication strategy of engaging patients both onsite at the medical practice and online on social media.

Smart Ads PRO creative team will provide curated and custom content to reinforce the brand and educate the patient, thereby improving profitability.

The creative team will post and boost content on social media to attract more patients and improve brand awareness. The content is simultaneously displayed on screens in the office to increase patient retention, decrease perceived wait times, and increase patient spending.

Such a holistic approach to brand awareness bridges the physical and digital worlds. The experience promised online via social media is delivered onsite via digital signage.

Curated and custom content includes:

  • Doctor and staff profiles
  • Office spotlights
  • Patient spotlights
  • Health tips and news
  • Reviews & testimonials

Smart Ads PRO

Smart Ads PRO Digital Signage Possibilities

  • Communicating with your employees is a critical part of your business that’s getting harder to do especially in a dynamic environment such as healthcare.

Corporate messages can be drowned out and patient experience can be lost in the chaos.

Improved patient experience is becoming of paramount importance to private and public organisations.

Integrate displays with third-party applications such as scheduling systems to ensure patients are always receiving the most update to date information

Reduce perceived wait times with entertaining videos, live news feeds and social media.

Incorporate new technology such as beacons, mobile apps and self-service kiosks to streamline service and empower customers

Generate new revenue by promoting additional services and offering advertising opportunities.

Extend the digital solution into the cafeteria menu boards and include nutritional guidelines, tips and information