Communication that’s always up-to-date, relevant and engaging

Organized and clear communication

In education, everyone on campus is inundated daily with new information and, using the smart Ads PRO platform, you can grab attention and make sure the most relevant information is reaching your audience. Students are used to communicating digitally and making the most modern tools available to them ensures you’re connecting in the best way possible.

Smart Ads PRO Digital Display for Education

Engaging students, faculty, and staff in  education campuses is important in order to build a connected and safe community.

A lot of the students are digital natives and respond well to technology.

This makes digital signage for education a great tool for informing and educating students, as well as keeping them safe by sharing emergency alerts.

Digital signage is intrusive and draws eyeballs, enabling  school administrators to:

  • Post school announcements and update them on the fly from the cloud-based software.
  • Override normal content to share emergency messaging and instructions on what to do.
  • Post automated event listings to drive attendance to school events.

Smart Ads PRO Digital Signage Possibilities


  • Introduce innovative solutions such as interactive touch screens, social media integration and wayfinding kiosks
  • Keep information accurate with instantly updated schedule changes, public transportation news, special activities, alerts and results
  • Entertain while informing with live news feeds, weather reports and sports updates
  • Easily create school-branded messaging using ready-made templates
  • Centrally control messaging while allowing individuals, departments and organizations to easily contribute from their own device
  • Ensure emergency alerts are instantly reaching everyone on campus
  • Link to existing applications such as Intranet and scheduling systems to automatically send information to the displays

Smart Ads PRO Shaping Digital Experiences

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