Improve Corporate Communication, Engagement & Productivity


The entrance to your office or building is your first opportunity to engage both employees and visitors alike. Video Walls are a very popular way to deliver the “wow” experience by creating a large canvas for your messaging, whether it’s company branding or a custom welcome message for your most important customers

Efficient and Engaging

Communicating with your employees is a critical part of your business that’s getting harder every day as workers are inundated with calls, meetings and emails, drowning out important messages you are trying to convey.

Smart Ads PRO Digital Displayfor internal communications is becoming a necessary tool as it provides a unique platform for engagement while they’re not sitting at their desk. As BYOD (bring your own device)  and the movement of a more mobile workforce have taken over the modern office, you need to find new and innovative ways to communicate quickly and impactfully.

Let’s take a look at the innovative ways that Digital Signage is changing internal communications:

  • The faster and more efficiently employees can get important information, the easier it is for them to do their job.

  • Just as email has replaced the hand-printed memo, corporate digital signage is replacing office whiteboards to open up communication pathways in the workplace.
  • Display company announcements.
  • Display productivity metrics.
  • Ensure a safe workplace by displaying emergency alerts and instructions on what to do.
  • Display building and staff directories and way finding maps.
  • Promote company events and drive attendance by posting automated event listings.

Smart Ads PRO

Inform and motivate employees

  • Solid internal communication is crucial to creating satisfaction and support in your personnel.

  • The Smart Ads PRO platform allows you to create a communication strategy that optimizes successful information sharing, customized to fit your corporate brand and style, and motivates your employees.
  • By offering an entertaining, informative stream of content such as HR information, employee recognition, production line and sales statistics and wins, generating enthusiasm and company energy.

  • Communicators can share engaging and relevant content such as workplace posters with HR info and motivational messages, traffic (displayed at the end of the day as employees leave), a menu for the cafeteria, weather, news, community events